Adjustable Waist Tummy Trimmer - Waist Shaper

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Are you ready to maximize your workout and sweat inches off your waist?

The Adjustable Waist Tummy Trimmer is something you can wear anytime you’re going to be active. Take it to the gym or for a run outside and let it add impact to your healthy lifestyle routine.


For lasting results, wear it for 6-8 hours daily for 4 weeks and you’ll lose up to 4-inches off your waist. Simply wear your body shappers for your waist trainee every day, and watch the sexiest version of you emerge.


This waste training was custom designed by our team for people who want to lose inches but don't want the INSTANT curve to affect when put on. 


Unlike our regular fat trimming belt, this is the best waist trainer for women and comes with a strap which can be used to ensure how tight you want the belt. The tighter you put it the more your skin will release unhealthy sweat!